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Collision PointCradles and GravesDariela Kenyatta
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Eats, Shoots and LeavesEdward CollinsEleanor Lewis
Elizabeth OzEmotional ContagionEvan Lee Hartley
Fight or FlightFirst BloodFree Animal Rights Militia
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Greg MansdaleGreg TrotterGustavo Silva
Henri LubattiHybridsIs there an app
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James WolkJamie's Got a GunJamie Campbell
Jay PaulsonJayne AtkinsonJean-Michel Lion
Josh SalatinKen OlinKristen Connolly
Leanne DucovneyLeo ButlerList of Species
Marcus HesterMax MorganMinako Oz
Mitch MorganMother CellMurmuration
Nia OzNo Place Like HomeNonso Anozie
Nora ArnezederOnce Upon a Time in the NestOz Is Oz
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Sins of the FatherSleuthsSnake Hybrids
Stakes on a PlaneSteven CulpTamlyn Tomita
Ten Years GoneTentacled HybridTessa Williams
That Great Big Hill of HopeThe BarrierThe Black Forest
The Cheese Stands AloneThe ContingencyThe Day of the Beast
The Moon and the StarThe ShepherdsThe Silence of the Cicadas
The Walls of JerichoThe Yellow Brick RoadThis is What it Sounds Like
Thomas DelavaneTriple Helix AnimalsVulture Hybrid
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Wham, Bam, Thank You SamWild ThingsWoolly Rhinoceros
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