Jackson Oz
Jackson Oz
Biographical Information
Full Name: Jackson Oz
Nicknames: Rafiki

Dylan Green (alias)

Born: Boston, Massachusetts
Status: Alive
Home: Boston, Massachusetts (formerly)
Botswana, Africa (currently)
Occupation: Zoologist
Physical Description
Species: Human with Ghost Gene
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Show Information
Portrayed by: James Wolk
First appearance: "First Blood"
Latest appearance: "The Barrier"
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My father always said one day said that the animals would reclaim the planet. He made sure that his TX gas formula would help them do that.
— Jackson to the team in Clementine

Jackson Oz is the main protagonist of the show Zoo. He was a zoologist working in Africa alongside Abraham Kenyatta when the animals started displaying aggressive behavior, he later became part of the team who were given the task of solving the problem and to get the animals back to how they used to be.

Early Life

Jackson Oz is the son of doctor Elizabeth Oz and professor/scientist Robert Oz. As a child, he used to go with his father in weekend expeditions all over the country to study and observe animals. However, Robert used to have some weird behaviors around his son. One example of this was when he asked Jackson if he wanted to buy a soul. Jackson was only 12 years old at the time.

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