Hybrids are unique animal species created by The Shepherds. The original hybrids—canines with a ridge of poisonous spines along their backs—were created by Robert Oz while the Shepherds were working on the cure for the animals. Other hybrids were later created and used by Abigail Westbrook for a secret plan under the code name Blue Diaspora. Abigail’s hybrids were:

  • rhinoceroid creatures described as resembling mammoths
  • avian hybrids capable of burrowing in to the earth and strong enough to cause earthquakes when working as a flock
  • massive snakes capable of full camouflage even while moving and in both natural and man made habitats
  • sea creature based hybrids capable of existing out of water, and capable of both generating electricity and having a natural immunity to hybrid spores
  • Abendegos, a male humanoid or great ape hybrid who was capable of replicating human speech when he was a child

“Hybrid spores” are a biological defense generated by hybrid eggs, and are lethal to humans.


Season 2

Season 3

Hybrid Species

Razorback Wolf

Woolly Rhinoceros

Vulture Hybrid


Invisible Snake

Tentacled Hybrid

Abigail Westbrook


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