Clementine Lewis
Adult Clementine
Biographical Information
Full Name: Clementine Lewis
Nicknames: Clem

Dead Girl (by other kids and herself)

Age: 10 (season 1)

11 (season 2) 21 (season 3)

Status: Alive
Home: Boston, Massachusetts
Physical Description
Species: Human - Ghost Gene
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
  • Sam Parker
Show Information
Portrayed by: Madison Wolfe (Young)
Gracie Dzienny (Adult)
First mentioned: "Pack Mentality"
First appearance: "Blame it on Leo"
Latest appearance: "The Black Forest"
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Clementine Lewis is a main character in season 3 of the Zoo (prior she is a guest with a recurring role.) She is the daughter of Mitch Morgan and Audra Lewis, though she hasn't seen her father since she was 2 years old prior to the events.

Early Life

Clementine suffered from an unknown disease ever since she was 7 years old. Her father when she was first diagnosed, Mitch went to every research hospital in the country for her. Yet Clem's mother puts a stop to it and in the end, it was agreed upon that what time Clementine has shouldn't be spent having tests run on her.

She has seizures which her dog Henry warns her ahead of the time. Due to her illness, most kids, including herself referred to her a Dead Girl. Her best friend is her dog Henry who she got from her father Mitch.

Animal Crisis

Season 1

Blame it on Leo

Henry gets out of the fence due to it being broken still. While she jokes with her mother, her stepdad calls telling Clem's mother that Henry was hit by a car on Cranston Street and he's on his way to the vet.

Later that night Clem overhears them talking how it was going to cost $about calling her father. The vet had informed3,000 dollars (on top of her own medical bills) plus follow-up surgery. Plan A was calling her father but was denied by her mother. They go with Plan B (Make your kid smile) as Justin states Clem's is not going to lose her best friend.

Clementine wanting to help with Henry's medical bills begins to gather things to sell to help with the cost. Her mother finds an old picture of Mitch in her dresser drawer and she asks her mother if he would come and see her if she got really bad. Clem's mother says she doesn't know. Justin brings in Henry and informs Clem that he will be fine he just needs to take it easy and take his meds.

This is What it Sounds Like

Mitch reaches out and calls, Justin agrees to let him talk to Clementine. She informs her him that her dog Henry got hit by a car but that he was okay. Mitch states that he should come and see Henry and her sometime soon. Yet she doesn't give him much time with her saying she has to go to the doctor before hanging up.

The Cheese Stands Alone

Clem and Mitch see each other for the first time in eight years. When her mother asks what Mitch had planned he said he was just going to improvise. She tells Clem to take Mitch to the park and that she would get some sandwiches packed up for a picnic. Clementine says she'll get Henry's leash while she does so.

At the park, Mitch asks why it's called her park. Clementine tells him that her mom really never lets her out of the house by herself anymore but when she does she's allowed to come to this park with Henry. Mitch then hands her a parking ticket that is exactly 10 years old that he got outside of Brigham and Woman's Hospital on the day she was born. Clem states that it's like a family heirloom.

Later that night Mitch brings Clementine home and puts her to bed.


Season 2

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Hybrid Crisis

Season 3

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