Clementine Lewis is a main character in Zoo. She is the daughter of Mitch Morgan and Audra Lewis, though she hasn't seen her father since she was 2 years old.


Clementine is a 9 year old girl dying from an incurable disease which causes her to have seizures. Her only friend is her dog Henry.

Her seizures are unpredictable and it's Henry that warns her when it's about to happen. In Blame it on Leo, Henry runs away and is hit by a car.

She was shocked to hear that Henry was hit by a car. Later, after Henry was healed, Mitch visits Clementine when Justin is out. They have a little picnic. Mitch tells her a story how he was late to her birth, and gives her a parking ticket from the hospital as a gift.


A couple of days after this, Justin is out again. Audra decides to take Clementine to the park. While they are at the park, a bunch of crows attack. They run and hide at the bottom of the playground. Audra calls Mitch for help while Clementine watches everyone fleeing. Clementine sees a mother with her baby in a stroller trying to hide. Clementine and Audra pleads for her to come and hide with them. Unfortunately, the woman doesn't hear and continues to try and shoo the birds away, and as the crows pick her flesh, she is killed. Clementine and Audra cry. Later, as Abraham and Mitch rush to the park, Clementine sees the crows are on the electric lines, and the baby crying alone in it's stroller. Clementine runs and Audra runs after her. As soon as she picks up the baby, the crows come down and attack. Audra grabs her and tries to rush her to safety, both screaming. The firemen and Abraham rush water, scaring the birds away as Mitch runs to them, hugging them.

Later at their house, they pack up and move out of the area, to a safety camp, where Henry is confiscated and put into quarantine, despite not being infected.

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