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• 7/17/2017

Thanks to new editors

First I want to say thanks to all the new editors who have recently joined, and are helping to expand this wiki page. After this weeks episode airs I'm going to start an episode discussion forum for people to discuss the episode. My only request is people don't talk about spoilers. Also I'm not the creator of this wiki page, and have been trying to unlock the house page. I have an idea of how to improve it, but can't unlock because only the creator can unlock the page. If anyone knows another way please let me know. Again thanks for all your help, it's most appreciated since I've been the only editor for a while.

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• 7/17/2017

Unless you know some hacking skill or know someone who has some hacking skill, it's nearly impossible to make an edit on the house page. The only solution I can come up with is that someone create another Zoo wikia page.

• 7/18/2017

No I don't want to create a new page due to the progress of this page, but maybe an admin can help.

• 7/20/2017

Wait. I have a better idea. You can ask Wikia to give you the title of Zoo Wikia Admin. It worth a try.

Here's the link for an adoption request so you can become the new admin for the Zoo wikia:

• 7/21/2017
Tank you ichigo kurosaki1979 I took your advice and sent in a request.
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